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Unit Camping Available at Alpine Scout Camps and Ten Mile River Scout Camps

updated- October 16th, 2021

As Scouters conducting our programs safely remains our top priority. We will continue to explore ways to conduct programs but will always prioritize the safety of our participants.

Limited Unit Camping Allowed

In New York City an outright ban on youth organization camping remains in effect. Units may not organize overnight activities within the city of New York but may conduct day activities. The Greater New York Councils leadership team, are advocating for the New York City Health Department  to allow unit camping. If there is a change to New York City policy, any updated information will be communicated.

At this time, unit camping at William H. Pouch Scout Camp is prohibited by the New York City Department of Health. Family Camping and unit camping is currently available at Ten Mile River Scout Camps, and Alpine Scout Camp.

Unit Camping is allowed in states as long as the trip meets the following criteria:

1) Youth camping is not prohibited by the state where the unit will camp.

2) The state of New York does not have a travel / quarantine restriction on the state that the unit is camping or would travel through to get to the camp location.

3) The state where unit camping will take place does not have a travel restriction for those traveling from New York.

4) Units that wish to camp in New Jersey must request approval prior to booking a reservation in the state. Units may only camp at locations that have a New Jersey State youth camp license.  Approval requests for New Jersey camping should be sent to covid19@bsa-gnyc.org and should contain the location that the unit intends to camp.

5) A roster of all participants and visitors should be kept and retained by the unit leadership for at least 14 days from the end of the trip.

6) The BSA Pre-Event Screening should be completed by all participants prior to arrival at the event. The form should be collected by the unit leadership and retained for 14 days from the end of the trip.

7) Cub Scout Packs may camp at a facility operated by a Boy Scouts of America Council if the location meets criteria 1-6.  Pack leadership must request approval to camp at any non-BSA location by sending an email to covid19@bsa-gnyc.org.

8) Scouts BSA troops may camp at any location and conduct overnight activities as long as criteria 1-6 are followed.

Carpooling Guidelines


(Updated: 08/22)

AllowedTravel with windows open when possible

All passengers must wear a face covering at all times

Load the vehicle from the back to the front

Temperatures were taken on departure and arrival. If any individual has a temperature over 100.4 on arrival, all individuals in the vehicle must return to the point of origin and may not participate in the event.

Chris Guarniere
Deputy Scout Executive
Greater New York Councils, BSA