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Courses and Resources – Take Scouting to the Next Level

Take Your Scouting to the Next Level

What is Wood Badge?

Calling All Critters

NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training)

How to be a Merit Badge Councilor

This page serves to host links to resources for courses from the 2021 TREX Event. For access to the live course and recorded videos please register to participate below.

What is Wood Badge?

 Tim Thom, Crystal Kennedy

You’ve seen the neckerchiefs and the beads. You’ve heard the song.  But what exactly is Wood Badge?  Stop on by to hear what this amazing training course is all about.  Speak directly with those that have taken it to hear first-hand how it cannot only improve your Scouting program, but also help you professionally in your day job.  AND meet the GNYC/WP 2021 Course Director: Crystal Kennedy.

Calling All Critters

Tim Thom, Anthony Bracciante

Since leaving Gilwell, all Wood Badgers can probably see their experience at Wood Badge paying dividends in their Scouting (and even professional) roles.  Come to this course to learn how the benefits of Wood Badge can continue to help your specific Scout unit or committee in the years ahead. For critters that recently completed the course, come and discuss any ticket challenges, what to do when your goals are completed, how to have your beads presented and how to get on a WB staff.

The Benefits of NYLT: a rundown

Beatrix Bisceglia, John Anderson

National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is a week-long or two-weekend, youth-led, training course to help develop leadership skills for Scouts to use in their home Troop or Crew by completely immersing them in the patrol method.  Come hear directly from experienced youth and adult NYLT leadership on the benefits the course will have on the youth that take NYLT and its lasting effect on their home unit.

 How to be a Merit Badge Counselor

Sean Rowley, Tom Kramer

Instruction for a proper process to work with Scouts on Merit badges.This course is designed to provide Council or District approved and registered merit badge counselors with understanding of the methods of counseling and their role in the advancement program of the Boy Scouts of America.  Attendance fulfills the training requirement for the position of Merit Badge Counselors – Merit Badge Counselor Orientation.

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