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Courses and Resources – Tech. Tools for Scouting

Tech. Tools for Scouting

Scoutbook for Dummies + Wizards

Sharing Scouting Stories (Digital Technology and Social Media)

Black Pug Training – The Camp Registration System

Google Classrooms and additional tools

This page serves to host links to resources for courses from the 2021 TREX Event. For access to the live course and recorded videos please register to participate below.

Sharing Scout Stories

Mike Lennon

Using Technology to simplify unit and district communication. Come learn ways to market unit events and recruiting. Writing press releases with the 5-W’s to promote positive Scouting stories big and small.

Google Classrooms and More

Mike Lennon

Asynchronous Learning! Using widely available and accessible tools, we can educate, track, and verify learning and activities, as well as, keep youth safe and potentially create more opportunities for fun and exciting programs in the future.

Scoutbook for Dummies and Wizards

Alfha Tucker, Anthony Tucker

An introduction to a powerful online tool that helps manage your unit. Topics include: Getting connected to Scoutbook, logging Advancement, getting basic reports. Demonstration about more advanced features of Scoutbook, i.e.: reports, Scout profiles, events/calendar, delegating rights, printing merit badge cards/blue cards.

Black Pug Training – The Camp Registration System

Sarah Landsaw

Learn all about our summer camp and weekend reservations online system. We launched it in January 2020, but many have not had a chance to use it, as we did not run summer camp in 2020. So come to this informational session and learn the basics and ask questions.

Download these handouts:

2021 Trex BP presentation