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About the SRS Partnership

The Shared Registration Services Partnership was organized in September 2020 as a result of the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America discontinuing their registration shared services team. The partnership launched with eleven partner councils from across the United States and the Transatlantic Council in Europe.

Shared Registration Services allows member data transmission through scanners, online forms, direct upload, and encrypted email to a secure data management system where member data is managed for the partner council.

Shared Registration Services Partnership has three primary goals:

  • Provide partner councils with quality, efficient, and consistent member data management.
  • Provide partner councils with a member data management system that is priced in a way that allows local council resources to be directed to other areas in support of Scouting.
  • Maintain transparency of operations with partner councils and support partner councils membership data management needs.

While the Greater New York Councils, Boy Scouts of America manages the Shared Registration Services partnership, neutrality is built into the system. Partner Council member data is only accessed by the Shared Registration Services team and membership data is processed based on the order it was received in the system.

“Shared Registration Services is a partnership between like-minded councils. We have taken steps to make sure that the Shared Registration Services team is the only staff with access to your member data. This partnership was started to help councils of all sizes manage their membership data entry costs and have a system that is timely, efficient, and secure. We know that you will be pleased with the process, our staff, and your overall experience. Let’s partner together for the benefit of our Scouts.”

Ethan Draddy

-Scout Executive and CEO

Services provided by Shared Registration Services (SRS)

How it Works: Councils will receive membership registrations from units and will receipt fees at the local council—registration(s) and a receipt will then be scanned securely via a scanner and/or an online form to the Registration Shared Services Team for the following to be processed.

■ New Unit set-up

▣ Review all applications to ensure the BSA requirements are met, all required signatures are included and that the appropriate fees are received
▣ Register all approved applicants into the Scouting program via ScoutNET
▣ Add additional members throughout the year

■ Make changes to units, as needed

▣ Chartered Organization Changes
▣ Position Changes

■ Non-Unit Registrants

▣ Merit badge counselors, District Committee Members, Executive Board, Council Staff, etc.
▣ Provide non-unit registrant renewal roster

■ Assistance with redistricting in ScoutNET
■ Provide quality assurance during the “Charter Renewal Season”

▣ Email Internet Rechartering instructions and access codes directly to the unit key 3 leaders using the council’s letterhead
▣ Provide notice to the council staff member(s) via e-mail regarding the complete or defective registrations
▣ Management reporting of unresolved defective registration

■ Perform a weekly Criminal Background Check (CBC) via First Advantage on all new adult applicants and notify the council, if any potentially negative results are returned
■ E-mail customized reports to the appropriate council staff member(s):

▣ Daily Scan Status Reports (scans received, pending, posted and defective)
▣ Electronic Fund Transfer Reports
▣ Monthly Reconciliation Fee Report

Shared Registration Services Team

Membership data management is crucial for local councils. The data that is entered must be complete, accurate, and processed in a timely manner.  The Shared Registration Services team looks to exceed the expectations of partner councils. The Shared Registration Services team is the most experienced team delivering quality shared membership data to partner councils.

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Would you like to learn more about Shared Registration Services?

Discussion with Chris Guarniere, Director of Support Services

Councils consider joining the partnership for many different reasons. Please schedule a time with us and we will listen to your needs and discuss ways that the Shared Registration Services partnership can benefit your council’s operation.