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Scouting for Food

Service Above Self is the attitude and ideal that Scouts strive for. This attitude is especially necessary right now, through this pandemic. This is why GNYC is calling our Scouts to action for Scouting For Food November. Through the month of November we would like to encourage Scouting units to collect non-perishable goods outside of supermarkets to support their local pantry.

Here’s an easy plan on how to make your Scouting for Food Drive a success:

  • Pick a date. Speak with your leadership and decide on a date to host the event with your Scouts and families. (We’re encouraging for November, but people go hungry year round.)

  • Notify your families. Use the Scouting for Food 2020 Flyer, edit it with your unit’s information and send it out to your families.

  • Secure your location. Call your local supermarket and ask them if your Scouts and Leaders can stand outside, without obstructing traffic, give out flyers and collect non-perishable goods. (If they’re hesitant, remind them that shoppers will be encouraged to purchase more and they’ll be seen as supporting the community.)

  • Be prepared. The day of make sure you have a plan; who’s participating (youth and adults), who’s doing what, everyone must wear a mask, have hand sanitizer, who’s transporting the food and where is it being dropped off. Print and cut the DonationFlier2020 Final – use this to distribute to shoppers as they enter the supermarket.

  • Get the word out. Share the flyer via social media before the event, (by saving the word doc as an image) get people excited to show up and support your unit. Post pictures the day of, more people might show up and your food collection will be a success.