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Courses and Resources – Scouting in 2021

Scouting in 2021

Cub Scout Events During COVID

Crafts and Projects for Cub program, with at home zoom ideas

Attention Grabbing Zoom Meetings during COVID-19

Down & Derby’s COVID style

This page serves to host links to resources for courses from the 2021 TREX Event. For access to the live course and recorded videos please register to participate below.

Down ‘N’ Derbies

Chris Dono

We all know about Pinewood Derby. But do you know about the other derbies that Cub Scouts can do and how to do them in COVID-style? Get the background for the different derbies – making sure you have everything you need for some of the FASTEST activities in Scouting – this is no time to be unprepared – so know before you say GO!

Cub Scout Events During COVID-19

Kirsten Clementi

If you are new to Cub Scouting or need a refresher, this is the session for you. If you’re having trouble planning because of COVID, this is the course for you, too. Let’s discuss how to hold events that Cub Scouts are known for: Pinewood Derby, Blue&Gold, Pack Nights, etc. Bring your own experiences to share. Questions, comments, and concerns are always welcome, so bring those, too.

Attention Grabbing Zoom Meetings during COVID-19

Renee Pecot-Xenakis

Where usual meeting venues may not be accessible due to COVID-19 protocols, Leaders need to come up with ways to stay connected with their Scouts. This session will show you attention-grabbing ways to keep your Scouts engaged while complementing your outdoor activities.

Download these handouts:


Crafts and Projects for Cub program, with at home zoom ideas

Paul Caminiti

How-To about preparing crafts and projects for your Cub Scouting program.  Ideas for all ranks from Lions to Tigers to Wolves to Bears to Webelos.  Craft ideas to keep all Cub Scouts busy and challenged.  Handouts will be available with plans and helpful links.