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Courses and Resources – Scouting is for Everyone

Scouting is for Everyone

Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging

Counteracting Unconscious Bias

Special Needs Accommodations: Paperwork, Progress, Participation–Q&A

Special Needs Paperwork

Understanding Invisible Disability

This page serves to host links to resources for courses from the 2021 TREX Event. For access to the live course and recorded videos please register to participate below.

Understanding Invisible Disabilities

Leah Scott

This course will be a group discussion based on what invisible disability is. Session is geared for parents, adults leaders, and Scouts of Life/Eagle ranks. Reach an understanding of invisible disabilities.

Special Needs Paperwork

Donna Manetta, Marie Casalaspro

How to manage paperwork for special needs advancement. Make sure you understand the procedures and processes. Be Prepared for your special needs Scouts.

Special Needs Accommodations:

Paperwork, Progress, Participation – Q&A

Maureen Ellis-Davis

Having physical, emotional, behavioral or developmental challenges does not have to prevent a Scout from advancing in the Scouting program. BSA allows for additional time in a Pack or Troop for special needs scouts in the form of Registration Beyond the Age of Eligibility. Scouts can also substitute Eagle Required merit badges or even alter requirements on the trail to First Class in certain situations. Come to this course to learn the options available and how to complete the administrative process to ensure that all of your Scouts have the opportunity to advance. Bring questions, come and discuss your needs, options and solutions.