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Scout Executive Update – Winter 2019

Dear Friends OF City Scouting and Exploring!

While I am asked “all the time” what I think would make for a great service project…I sort of resist. After all, who am I to say what does and what does not make for a great service project. Isn’t beauty or in this case excellence in the eye of the beholder!

In this case, I will make a notable and noteworthy exception: The Monarch Butterfly. Who wants to help save them? Who can do that in Gotham you say!

Did you know the Monarch is in crisis as U.S protections shrink around our nation! Fact: Rapid development and climate change are escalating the rates of species loss, according to a May 2019 United Nations report. For monarchs, farming and other human development have eradicated state-size swaths of native milkweed habitat, cutting the butterfly’s numbers by 90% over the past two decades.

What if Scouts like your Scouts worked with local parks people to plant monarch loving milkweed plants along migration routes right up our very own eastern seaboard…right here in the city (always working with proper authorities). Click on www.saveourmonarchs.org for further help to save the Monarch butterfly one milkweed at a time. Our friend the Monarch needs some help.

Yes, you can.

Yours in Scouting,

Ethan Draddy

Scout Executive