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Why is Publicity Desirable?

1. It makes Scouts, their parents and volunteers feel good.
2. It encourages parents of young people, the youth themselves and volunteers to participate if they are not already doing so.
3. It makes it easier to garner honorees and community financial support for Scouting.


How Can We Get Free Publicity?

We don’t have the budget for substantial paid media campaigns, but we have access to dozens of community newspapers that are eager to receive free content. They have very small staffs, and stories and photos we send them are appreciated and often appear in print.


What Is Newsworthy?

1. Newly appointed council presidents and commissioners in boroughs. The press release should include pertinent background information, a photograph, and quotes from the appointee and someone from the Greater NY Councils.

2. New Eagle Scouts. The press release should include the youth’s name, age, neighborhood of residence, parents’ names, Troop number and Scoutmaster’s name, where and when the Eagle induction ceremony was held, a quote from the Scout about what attaining Eagle means to him, his Eagle project and a photograph (preferably from the Eagle ceremony with his parents).

3. New units being formed (specify Cub or Scout), ages of boys invited to participate, names of leaders, contact information for more information, and address and time/day of usual anticipated meeting site.

4. Explorer posts in the various boroughs—both announcements of upcoming Posts and reports (with photos) of Post activities; website to get more information about how to apply and a brief description of the program, including age range for participants.

5. Scouts doing community service, including date of service, number of youth involved, approximate total hours of service provided if relevant, Troop number and Scoutmaster’s name(s) if relevant, plus photo of the Scouts doing the service.

6. Special events including fund-raisers, with profiles of honorees, date and place of event, approximate number of attendees, and photo from the event including honoree.

7. Scout activities including Pinewood Derbies, Troops at camp, with photos and relevant information.


How to Submit

Below is a PR packet from the Greater New York Councils office listing citywide and community newspapers as well as helpful guidelines about preparing material. For each submission, always include at least the relevant local papers.

PR Kit

Click any of the links below to view and download.

Letter from the GNYC President Getting Free Publicity
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