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The Polar Bear Camper Award has been approved by the Greater New York Councils Camping Committee, to promote safe and fun winter camping.

The requirements for this new award are as follows:

Requirement #1

Read chapter 18 “Cold Weather Adventuring” in the new Field book (fifth edition). You may want to build a Troop meeting around this information.

Requirement #2

Accumulate 100 Polar Points by camping out-of-doors when the temperature is below 32° F. Must sleep outside, no cabin or indoor camping will count. Earn two (2) Polar Points for each degree below 32° Fahrenheit.

Example: The overnight low temperature is 2° F. Each camper receives 60 Polar Points toward the required 100. If the overnight low is -3° F, each camper receives 70 Polar Points.

Requirement #3

While accumulating these points, the camper must prepare, cook and clean-up for three complete well-balanced meals as determined by the Cooking Merit Badge requirements. This must be accomplished while the temperature is below 32° F.

The judging of the meals and score keeping is up to the troop leadership.

The earning of this award can take as long as needed to complete the requirements (over more than one winter if needed).

A special award patch is available from Camping Services. Requirements, tracking sheet, and patch order form can be found at www.bsa-gnyc.org/polarbearcamper

Please contact 640camping@scouting.org or 212-651-3073 with any questions. 


Download Award Form Here!