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Courses and Resources – Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

Backpacking at Ten Mile River

Hiking at Ten Mile River

Backpacking at Philmont Scout Ranch

High Adventure

Your Summer at Ten Mile River

This page serves to host links to resources for courses from the 2021 TREX Event. For access to the live course and recorded videos please register to participate below.

Your Summer at TMR

Wayne Holmes

A preview of Summer Camp plans for your Troop at the Ten Mile River Scout Camps

Backpacking at Philmont Scout Ranch

Daniel Kurzweil

While you might have been hiking with your Scouts, going backpacking, (especially high adventure backpacking) is a totally different activity. Come to this session and get some advice on conditioning, equipment and pack techniques, and what to expect during a Philmont Expedition from the team that leads GNYC’s annual expedition to Philmont! Presentation will be about 40 minutes followed by Q&A.

High Adventure

Aaron Cooper, Chris McCarthy

High Adventure Bases are the pinnacle of the Scout camping experience. This is the outdoor experience your Scouts are working for. We’ll talk about everything from diving beneath the warm waters of the Caribbean and portaging your canoe into Canada to whitewater rafting in West Virginia and of course, backpacking in Philmont. There are even more opportunities in Switzerland, Alaska, and even the swamps of Louisiana! Find out about the coolest places to go, how to organize the trips and the scholarships available.

Download these handouts:

2021 Trex High Adventure

Hiking at TMR

David Malatzky, Sean Johnson

TMR has over 60 miles of named hiking trails, including the famous 33½ mile Ten Mile River Trail. Attend this course led by the Ten Mile River Trails Committee to learn about short & long day hikes at TMR, the Ten Mile River Historical Trails award and the TMR Trek program for six-day backpacking treks. Find out about recent trail improvements at TMR. Participants can download trail maps and suggested hike routes to help your Unit plan your TMR hike.

Backpacking at TMR

Sean Johnson, David Malatzky

An introduction to backpacking at the Ten Mile River Scout Reservation in Narrowsburg, NY. With over 50 miles of backpacking trails, TMR can seem intimidating to those unfamiliar with the property. In this session, we will discuss route planning, gear, weather, and how to get your troop started in this classic Scouting activity

TMR Hiking, Backpacking and TREK Q+A

Sean Johnson, David Malatzky, Terrence McKiernan

After all the above sessions, a chance to ask and answer questions about Hiking and Backpacking at TMR and meet the TMR Trek architects and get all the details you’ll need for planning, preparing and getting your own TMR Trek into your calendar and putting those boots on the trails! (