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This has been a spring unlike any other in our lifetimes. As the nation reels from a global pandemic and our society endeavors to respond to racial and ethnic discrimination and injustice, we must look to our mission as leaders of our organization. The staff and Executive Board of the Greater New York Councils believe the best way to address this difficult and sensitive topic is with a proactive pledge consistent with the mission of Scouting in New York City.

Please see the below pledge which the executive board of the Greater New York Councils has reviewed and approved. Among these initiatives are policies to review, and long-standing beliefs to reaffirm. The staff has been instrumental in the creation of this document, with significant input and collaboration from senior staff and Executive Board members.

A GNYC Diversity and Inclusiveness Committee will be created with contributing members from the council’s professional staff. Their task will be to provide leadership and support for the GNYC Social Justice Pledge. If you have questions regarding this initiative please contact chris.guarniere@scouting.org.