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Sign up here to staff the 2017 Kintecoying Lodge Trade-o-Ree and Skills day at Alpine Scout camp Nov 17 – 19 2017!

Participant sign up can be found at https://www.bsa-gnyc.org/oaskillsday


The cost for brothers is just $10 (before Nov. 13).  Nov. 13 and later it becomes $15.


This includes: 

Up to 2 nights lodging in Reeves Lodge.

A cracker-barrel Friday night in Reeves Lodge

Breakfast Saturday in Reeves Lodge

Lunch Saturday in the Whitehead Dinning hall

Dinner Saturday in Reeves Lodge

Breakfast Sunday in Reeves Lodge


A part A and B health form is required (no doctor’s signature is needed.)  Please bring this with you.  We can’t accept emailed health forms.