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Alex Tan

Alex Tan
System Administrator – Shared Registration Services

Alex has been tinkering with computers since he was young. Ever since he got his first computer back in 2002, he was fascinated by its capabilities. At the time, he was enthralled with the little racing game and pinball installed on it. With a few clicks of the keyboard and mouse, he was able to dive into a new world with his brother and friends. From there, the fascination only grew.

He started to learn how to troubleshoot minor computer issues leading him to build his very first computer and then creating his own server and network through VMWare. He can remember the thrill of pressing the power button to boot his computer or server and seeing it light up.

He experienced the hardware side so the next step was the software side. It started with HTML and CSS into object-oriented programming. He learned different languages including but not limited to Python, Java, C++, and Javascript. Through academic and his own projects, he worked with Spring, Express, MySql, PostgreSQL, and more.

Alex is a system administrator at the Greater New York Council, Boy Scouts of America supporting Shared Registration Services. Through this opportunity, he is able to work with technology while helping the youth of New York.  In his spare time, he likes to play tennis, meet new people, play board games, and cook.