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Courses and Resources – Leading and Collaboration

Leading and Collaboration

Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops and Crews

Running a High Performance PLC

Creative Collaboration Techniques for Scouts

This page serves to host links to resources for courses from the 2021 TREX Event. For access to the live course and recorded videos please register to participate below.

Intro to Leadership Skills Troops

Efrain Alvarado (for Scouts AND Scouts BSA Leaders)

Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops and Crews (ILST) is the unit based training which prepares youth members to assume leadership roles within the local unit. It is also a prerequisite for participation in National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT). It allows youth to increase their knowledge and skill base in a practical and useful fashion. This particular version of the course has been specifically designed to be delivered remotely during the current health crisis. Modules 1 & 2 cover the Unit Organization, Creating a Vision, Goal Setting, Communication, Planning and Delegation, and the Stages of Team Development. These two modules are self-taught and take approximately forty minutes and must be completed at My.Scouting.Org prior to Module Three. Upon completion of these two modules, a certificate of completion will be awarded and is a prerequisite to the live Module 3. The live interactive module, the heart of the course, covers Team Development and Characteristics, Group Decisions, Leadership Styles and Tools, Ethics and Values, and the EDGE method. Participants completing the full course will be better prepared and more confident in carrying out their roles as servant leaders.

Creative Collaboration for Scouts

Mike Lennon, Josh Cohen, Brian Wersebe

A course for youth and adults discussing best practices and techniques for creative collaboration. This session will seek to share insight from other youth organizations that specialize in this type of teamwork: “Odyssey of the Mind” and “Destination Imagination.” Joined by fellow Scouters and program participants, Eagle Scout Josh Cohen, and Ranachqua Director Brian Wersebe.

High Performance Patrol Leaders Council

Michael McCarthy, Christopher McCarthy, Andrew Hohmann

We will discuss a simple and effective methodology to give your PLC the structure to run a successful program. Helping our Scouts to take leadership over their troop activities

Download these handouts:

Running a High Performance PLC