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Hike 2 Help

The Greater New York Councils’ Hike-A-Thon

Fundraising for Units and Camps to return to Scouting this Spring

What is Hike2Help?

Scouting units typically are able to sustain and support their programs though unit fundraising efforts such as, bake sales, popcorn, Christmas tree and wreath sales, car washes and more, but the Covid-19 pandemic took a toll on our Scouts, our units and our camps. Preventing fundraising and, in many cases, preventing units from meeting. This fundraiser is one option to help your Scouts hit the ground running for their 2021 adventures (such as summer camp) while also promoting healthy activities. Proceeds will be split with 70% of funds raised going to the unit and 30% going to support GNYC Camps.

Participating Scouts will use crowdrise/gofundme pages to collect pledges & donations from friends, family, neighbors, and collogues to support Scouts (either with total donations or $/mile pledges) Units can then complete a hike at a GNYC Camp in June.

How it works:

1. Commit, let us know by April 17th if your unit will participate- so that we can send you regular updates, create your crowdrise/gofundme page and schedule your unit’s hike

2. Attend the Hike2Help webinar on Monday, April 19th @7:00pm. You can also watch the recording the next day at www.bsa-gnyc.org/hike2help
3. Rally your Scouts and families on how to gather sponsors- GNYC will provide word documents, powerpoints, scripts and social media posts to assist with your efforts.
4. Gather Sponsors from April 19th through June 26th using our online option.
5. Hit the Trails at Ten Mile River, Alpine, or Pouch

6. Take a Photo and Thank your Sponsors while on the trail or after completing your hike it is critical that you take a photo or video and thank all those that have supported your efforts

7. REPORT your total unit mileage and number of participants by July 9th to receive patches by mail.

8. FUNDS All funds will be issued back to your unit committee chair- or units may elect to use those funds towards Summer Camp or the Big Apple Jambo

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Hiking in the woods

Three iconic camps for trail hiking

William H. Pouch Scout Camp

1-Mile Hike
2-Mile Loop
3- Mile Hike

Alpine Scout Camp

4-Mile Outer Loop
4-Mile Inner Hike
8-Mile Combo Hike
Alpine Hike

Ten Mile River Scout Camps

Hikes for all abilities
Guide for Day & Weekend Hikes
36-Mile Trek (Red Dot Trail & Conklin Lookout)
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