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Giving Back to scouts with the Giving Tree

This holiday season, the Alpine Trading Post, the Staten Island Scout Shop, and the Greater New York Councils Service Center will each be presenting a ‘Giving Tree’. These Giving Trees will be designed to help underserved Scouts within the Greater New York Councils. Scouts in need can visit www.bsa-gnyc.org/givingtree to submit requests for items or services. Items can include uniforms, handbooks, or camping gear. Scouts may also make an inquiry for a week at summer camp!


Scouting Families and their Friends can stop by any of our ‘Giving Tree’ locations and select an item off its branches to purchase. After you make your purchase, we will ship your gift to the Scout directly. Anonymity will be respected, but personal messages can be sent with your purchase upon request. These gifts of kindness will be tax deductible. After you make your donation to a Scout, we can mail you a letter noting the value of your donation.


Thank you for all you do in Scouting!