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The Greater New York Councils is proud to present the new GNYC Gift Card.  This is a great gift that can be used for any purchase at our Trading Posts in Alpine, Pouch or TMR; including uniforms, handbooks, advancement, and more!  The cards are accepted for any payment at our Council Service Center in the Empire State Building, including camp reservations and membership.

The gift cards are also accepted at our brand new online store at shop.bsa-gnyc.org.  The online store carries a wide array of GNYC branded clothing, camping gear and memorabilia.

The gift cards are refillable and you can check the balance online as well.  If a card is lost, it can be reissued.  This will be especially helpful for parents that will no longer have to worry about Scouts carrying around cash while at camp. 

The cards can be purchased at shop.bsa-gnyc.org or at our Trading Posts or the Council Service Center.