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Virtual and In-Person Activities This Fall


Family Camping is open and available at Alpine Scout Camp, and the Ten Mile River Scout Camps. We will be opening Camp Pouch for family camping soon! Keep an eye out for another announcement!  

We Welcome your family to come join us for a night or a weekend in a campsite or cabin, the same facilities that are available to Units are available to families. Sites will only have one family in the, so there will be plenty of space for social distancing. Each family will be required to provide a roster of attendees, parts A&B of the BSA Medical form and a COVID screening survey.


Read More and View Guidelines


Alpine Scout Camp, in Alpine NJ, is open for unit camping reservations starting October 2nd.

In New York State an outright ban on youth organization camping remains in effect. Units may not organize overnight activities within the state of New York but may conduct day activities. The Greater New York Councils leadership team, as well as leadership from councils across New York are advocating for the state to allow unit camping. If there is a change to New York State policy, any updated information will be communicated.

Unit Camping Guidelines

1) Youth camping is not prohibited by the state where the unit will camp.

2) The state of New York does not have a travel / quarantine restriction on the state that the unit is camping or would travel through to get to the camp location.

3) The state where unit camping will take place does not have a travel restriction for those traveling from New York.

4) A unit must have an approved unit restart plan and the plan must include charter organization approval for unit camping and travel.

5) GNYC units must follow the “GNYC Guidelines for Unit Camping” when conducting overnight events. The unit may set more stringent safety guidelines.

6) The location where the unit will camp must be able to meet the facility requirements of the “GNYC Guidelines for Unit Camping.” The unit is responsible for ensuring that facility requirements are in place.

7) Cub Scout Packs may camp at a facility  operated by a Boy Scouts of America Council if the location meets criteria 1-3 and the unit is in agreement with criteria 4-6.  Pack leadership must request approval to camp at any non-BSA location by sending an email to covid19@bsa-gnyc.org.

8) Scouts BSA troops may camp at any location and conduct overnight activities as long as criteria 1-6 are followed.

Carpooling Restrictions:

1) At least two adults must be in the vehicle when transporting youth from different households.

2) Face coverings are required to be worn in the vehicle when individuals from different households are present.

3) One person per row of seats, unless from the same household.

4) Occupancy of the vehicle should not be more than 50% capacity of the vehicle. Capacity of the vehicle is determined by the number of functioning seat belts.

5) When possible, vehicle windows should be down to allow air flow. Air conditioning should not be set to recirculate interior air.

6) All occupants should wash hands prior to entering the vehicle. If not possible to wash hands, hand sanitizer may be used.

7) Touch points in the vehicle should be sanitized before individuals enter the vehicle for travel. Sanitization supplies should be safely stored but available for individuals to sanitize after the trip.

8) Temperature checks must be taken of all participants prior to each time they entering the vehicle and again when they arrive at the destination. Once traveling, or after arriving at the destination, if an individual has a temperature of 100.4 or higher, the entire vehicle must return to their homes to self isolate and may not participate in the activity.

Cub Scout Rank Kit:

The Rank Kit is a box that will contain all the items needed to complete a Cub Scout Rank from beginning to end. It will have all the materials needed to complete the adventures for the rank and 1 pre-selected elective. There will be a specific box made for each Rank. This box will also include a Den Leaders/Parents Guide. There will be online resources and a work sheets for each Cub Scout included with the activity.

Can A Pack Purchase The Boxes For Their Unit?

It is encouraged that Packs purchase the box for everyone. Our Kits are designed to provide a cost savings to your unit. If your pack purchases 5 or more kits for a specific Rank, you will receive a 18% discount off you all Kits for that Rank. Most Dens hold at least 20 meetings in a year. This will put the value of the box at less than $3 a meeting. Even if you only buy 4 boxes it’s only $3.25 a meeting.

Can These Kits Be Used At Den Meetings Or Virtual Den Meetings?

Yes, each activity in the box follows a Cub Scout Adventure for that rank. These activities have been created so that a Den Leader can follow them or use them as guides for conducting a Den Meeting. 

Can These Kits Be Used By Families?

The Kit is designed to be followed easily by a parent/guardian. No Scouting background is needed.

Outdoor Family Activities:

October 31st- Pouch Candy Fun Hike 

November 21st – Shooting Sports Fun Day @ Alpine 

October 3rd – Alpine Hiking Adventure Day 

October 10th- Pouch Hiking Adventure Day 

Tigers:  Tigers in the woods adventure

Wolves:  Paws on the Path

Bears:  Fur, Feathers and Ferns

Webelos:  Webelos Walkabout

AOL: Outdoor Adventure

October 17th-Alpine Outdoor Skills Day 

October 24th- Pouch Outdoor Skills Day 

Tigers: My Tiger Jungle

Wolves: Call of the Wild

Bears: Bear Necessities

Webelos: Castaway

AOL: Scouting Adventure


November 7th- Alpine Cooking Fun Day 

November 14th -Pouch Cooking Fun Day 

Tigers: Info Coming Soon

Wolves: Info Coming Soon

Bears: Bear Picnic Basket

Webelos: Cast Iron Chef

AOL: Info Coming Soon

First Class Passport Events:

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$40 out of Council rate or $25 for GNYC Scouts per Saturday Course At Alpine. Register for the full fall program and save: $250 for Out of Council or $175 for GNYC Scouts. That’s access to 8 Saturday’s of Program and Advancement!

Don’t Miss Out – Let Us know You’re Interested In These Fall Programs

First Class Passport

Coming Soon- Our first class passport will feature QR codes to launch videos that will help teach Scouts BSA the skills they will need to display in order to advance through the ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class.