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  • Virtual for 2021

GNYC Training Extravaganza

  • Virtual for 2022

TREX is the Greater New York Councils’ Training Extravaganza, an annual collection of training courses organized and taught by volunteer Scouter instructors. This year the courses will be presented virtually with sessions available the weekend of January 22nd, Wednesday Jan. 26th, and Saturday Jan. 29th. classes will be recorded to be available for re-watching afterwards. Whether its learning about fundraising, communications, youth safety, camping and outdoor programs, using technology and more- you can learn about it and bring the skills back to your Scouting unit to improve on the experiences for our youth members. You don’t want to miss the Training Extravaganza!

TREX 2021 Opening and Introduction

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TrEx Instructors are Scouters just like you, who have experiences and solutions to share. Most sessions have the value of discussion and interactive Q&A. What a great forum to benefit from someone else’s learnings and adapt them to your own Scouting needs, as well as sharing your experiences and what you have learned.  You should also take this opportunity to participate in a session in a different Scouting program area and apply what you learn to your own current program area.

Volunteers helping Volunteers become better Leaders So that Youth can be better Adults

Consider These Important Additional Trainings: 

Renew Your Youth Protection Training

take the on-line training

Youth Protection training is required for all BSA registered volunteers.  Make sure your  training is current and consider this TREX week a great time to renew your training. how-to guide

Visit the all new On-line Learn Center

Online National Courses

View the National Scouting.org page for trainings for adults. Get the latest training news from the TRAINING TIMES view site or download as pdf. Make sure to check out the brand new training portal.

Online Training Courses for Youth

TREX week isn’t just for adults

Spending more time than ever using digital media for education, research, socializing, and fun? Keep youth safe while online, with  the Cyber Chip program Grades 1-3 Grades 4-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 9-12

TrEx will offer up to over 60 periods of training options  in the Cub Scout & Scouts BSA Programs as well as courses that apply to all and other areas of Scouting:
  • There will be multiple sessions per period.
  • Saturday January 22 at 1:30-2:15, 2:30-3:15, 3:30-4:15, 4:30-5:15Sunday January 23 at 1:30-2:15, 2:30-3:15, 3:30-4:15, 4:30-5:15Wednesday Jan 26 at 6:30-7:15, 7:30-8:15, 8:30-9:15Saturday January 29 6:30-7:15, 7:30-8:15, 8:30-9:15
  • These will be 45-minute periods with fifteen minutes in-between breaks.


Classes by category type- Click to view listing

Note: These courses are for adults, unless otherwise noted  and being presented by fellow Scouting volunteers (like you) with Scouting experiences similar to your own.  Bring your experiences, bring your questions; be prepared to share and learn.

While courses are listed by program, some apply across program areas.

Tech Changes & Improvements (click to view)


TEK02     Sharing Scout Stories [single period, once] Mike Lennon

Using Technology to simplify unit and district communication. Come learn ways to market unit events and recruiting.  Writing press releases with the 5-W’s to promote positive Scouting stories big and small. (Youth, Handouts)

TEK05     Scoutbook for Dummies [single period, once] Alfha Tucker, Anthony Tucker

An introduction to a powerful online tool that helps manage your unit.  Topics include: Getting connected to Scoutbook, logging Advancement, getting basic reports. Demonstration about more advanced features of Scoutbook, i.e.: reports, Scout profiles, events/calendar, delegating rights, printing merit badge cards/blue cards. (no Youth, no Handouts)

TEK07            Black Pug Training – The Camp Registration System [single period, once]  Sarah Landsaw

Learn all about our summer camp and weekend reservations online system. We launched it in January 2020, but many have not had a chance to use it, as we did not run summer camp in 2020. So come to this informational session and learn the basics and ask questions. (no Youth, no Handouts)

TEK08     Attention Grabbing Zoom Meetings during COVID-19 [single period, once] Renee Pecot-Xenakis

Where usual meeting venues may not be accessible due to COVID-19 protocols, Leaders need to come up with ways to stay connected with their Scouts. This session will show you attention-grabbing ways to keep your Scouts engaged while complementing your outdoor activities. (Youth, Handouts)

TEK09     Google Classrooms and additional tools[single period, once] Mike Lennon

Asynchronous Learning! Using widely available and accessible tools, we can educate, track, and verify learning and activities, as well as, keep youth safe and potentially create more opportunities for fun and exciting programs in the future. (no Youth, no Handouts)

Training (click to view)

TRAINING (Adults/Youth)

TRG03     The Benefits of NYLT: a rundown [single period, once] Beatrix Bisceglia, John Anderson

National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is a week-long or two-weekend, youth-led, training course to help develop leadership skills for Scouts to use in their home Troop or Crew by completely immersing them in the patrol method.  Come hear directly from experienced youth and adult NYLT leadership on the benefits the course will have on the youth that take NYLT and its lasting effect on their home unit.   (Youth, no Handouts)           

TRG04     What is Wood Badge? [single period, once] Tim Thom, Crystal Kennedy

You’ve seen the neckerchiefs and the beads. You’ve heard the song.  But what exactly is Wood Badge?  Stop on by to hear what this amazing training course is all about.  Speak directly with those that have taken it to hear first-hand how it cannot only improve your Scouting program, but also help you professionally in your day job.  AND meet the GNYC/WP 2021 Course Director: Crystal Kennedy. (no Youth, no Handouts)

TRG05     Calling All Critters  [single period, once] Tim Thom, Anthony Bracciante

Since leaving Gilwell, all Wood Badgers can probably see their experience at Wood Badge paying dividends in their Scouting (and even professional) roles.  Come to this course to learn how the benefits of Wood Badge can continue to help your specific Scout unit or committee in the years ahead. For critters that recently completed the course, come and discuss any ticket challenges, what to do when your goals are completed, how to have your beads presented and how to get on a WB staff. (no Youth, no Handouts)

Management (click to view)

MANAGEMENT (Adults/Youth)

MGM01      Special Needs Accommodations: Paperwork, Progress, Participation – Q&A  [double period, once] Maureen Ellis-Davis

Having physical, emotional, behavioral or developmental challenges does not have to prevent a Scout from advancing in the Scouting program.  BSA allows for additional time in a Pack or Troop for special needs scouts in the form of Registration Beyond the Age of Eligibility.  Scouts can also substitute Eagle Required merit badges or even alter requirements on the trail to First Class in certain situations.  Come to this course to learn the options available and how to complete the administrative process to ensure that all of your Scouts have the opportunity to advance.  Bring questions, come and discuss your needs, options and solutions. (no Youth, Handouts)

MGM02     Special Needs Paperwork [single period, once] Donna Manetta, Marie Casalaspro

How to manage paperwork for special needs advancement.  Make sure you understand the procedures and processes. Be Prepared for your special needs Scouts. (no Youth, no Handouts) 

MGM03     Understanding Invisible Disabilities [single period, once] Leah Scott

This course will be a group discussion based on what invisible disability is. Session is geared for parents, adults leaders, and Scouts of Life/Eagle ranks. Reach an understanding of invisible disabilities.  (Youth, no Handouts)

MGM07     Event Planning [single period, once] Alex Agostini

How to prepare for and run Scouting events, like Camporees, OA events and even Eagle projects. Learn how to plan your event, build an event planning committee and run that high quality event with methods to plan more effectively.  (Youth, no Handouts)

MGM08    The Scout Life Balance [single period, once] Alex Agostini

How to manage being a Scout Leader / Committee Member, and work and have a life.  We will cover how to create your volunteering vision, planning & scheduling, knowing and recognizing your limits, how to say “NO” and how to bow out gracefully, the danger of over scheduling and how to enjoy being a Scouter. (no Youth, no Handouts) 

MGM09     Be Prepared…For Medical Emergencies  [single period, once]  Anthony Byrnes-Alvarado

This course will provide leaders with knowledge and confidence to deal with medical issues that arise at camp or at meetings by discussing some possible stumbling blocks to ensuring the best care and decisions. The course is not designed to teach actual first-aid but rather to familiarize leaders with their responsibilities, common medical conditions and devices and how to interact with medical personnel. Material will be drawn from real world scenarios from both the Scouting and medical fields.(no Youth, no Handouts)

MGM10 Creative Collaboration for Scouts [single period, once] Mike Lennon, Josh Cohen, Brian Wersebe

A course for youth and adults discussing best practices and techniques for creative collaboration. This session will seek to share insight from other youth organizations that specialize in this type of teamwork: “Odyssey of the Mind” and “Destination Imagination.” From the view point of a youth participant and will be joined by a teammate/fellow Eagle Scout and a Camp Director and Odyssey of the Mind coach.  (Youth, no Handouts)

MGM11 Peer-to-Peer Recruiting Discussion [single period, once] Mike Lennon, Joe Schiltz

A discussion about recruiting techniques and how GNYC can use peer-to-peer strategy to grow Scouting. In many cases our current members and families are the closest link to potential new members. Come ready to discuss these ideas, incentives, messages and tools that units and families need that will aid in successful future campaigns. (no Youth, no Handouts)

MGM12     The Hows of HOWs: Building a relationship with your House of Worship Chartered Organization [single period, once] John Paterakis

The majority of Scout units in the United States are charted to some form of house of worship (“HoW”). Yet, in many cases, the relationship between the HoW and their unit is at arm’s length. Learn how to strengthen that relationship; how to navigate the leadership of your HoW, how to take advantage of the benefits offered to ministries, and how to get clergy and youth ministries invested in your unit’s success! (no Youth, no Handouts)

MGM13     Counteracting Unconscious Bias [double period, once] Antonio del Rosario

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. Scouts will explore the importance and the practice of Diversity(statistics and facts), Equity (access to resources), Inclusion (the conscious effort in including lower status groups) and Belonging (the experience that all members and their families are welcome). (Youth, Handouts)

Program (click to view)

PROGRAM (Adults/Youth)

PRG04     STEM Program Orientation [three periods, once] Donnie Collins, Shawn Spencer

An introduction to the BSA STEM/Nova program and awards, and then an in depth on how to run the program in your unit and district; as well as the basic training to be a Nova Counselor and a Supernova Mentor.  This course will meet the requirements for training cards under training codes D82 and D83.  (no Youth, Handouts) 

PRG05     STEM Experiments (kits) [one period, once] Donnie Collins

Is your troop stuck in a rut, doing the same activities year after year? Are you looking for ways to attract youth who do not think they like the woods, but are excited about being the next “Maker” or the idea of experiments? STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities can be a great way to increase interest and participation in your troop activities while preparing your Scouts for advanced topics in school and their future career options. The STEM program provides additional areas for the Scouts to explore, along with their requirements for earning rank advancement. So it fits in with the Merit Badge program. The Nova requirements all have a merit badge requirements in them, so Scouts have to earn a merit badge as part of the requirements. We will demonstrate how KITS for each topic will aide in guiding the scouts towards a fun adventure, while making your life as a mentor easier to fit within your present program. This course does not complete requirements for Nova Counselor / Supernova Mentor.  This is meant to be a complement to session PRG04. (Youth, Handouts)

PRG11     Outdoor Ethics Basic Training (Youth and Adult – formerly LNT 101) [three periods, once] Shawn Spencer

Successful completion of this course qualifies the participant for the LNT/Outdoor Ethics training component required as an adult, and qualifies the Youth for the LNT training component of the Outdoor Ethics Awareness/Service awards. Training cards will be sent to participants following successful completion of the class.
Participants will learn about the principles of Leave No Trace and Tread Lightly as well as receive materials to help them present and use this information in their unit. This will be a three period class. (Youth, Handouts)

Youth (click to view)

YOUTH (Adults/Youth)

YOT03Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST)  Efrain Alvarado/NYLT  (for Scouts AND ScoutsBSA LEADERS) [two periods, once]

Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops and Crews (ILST) is the unit based training which prepares youth members to assume leadership roles within the local unit. It is also a prerequisite for participation in National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT). It allows youth to increase their knowledge and skill base in a practical and useful fashion.

This particular version of the course has been specifically designed to be delivered remotely during the current health crisis. Modules 1 & 2 cover the Unit Organization, Creating a Vision, Goal Setting, Communication, Planning and Delegation, and the Stages of Team Development. These two modules are self-taught and take approximately forty minutes and must be completed at My.Scouting.Org prior to Module Three. Upon completion of these two modules, a certificate of completion will be awarded and is a prerequisite to the live Module 3. The live interactive module, the heart of the course, covers Team Development and Characteristics, Group Decisions, Leadership Styles and Tools, Ethics and Values, and the EDGE method. Participants completing the full course will be better prepared and more confident in carrying out their roles as servant leaders. (Youth, no Handouts)

YOT04Running a high performance PLC [double period, once] Michael McCarthy, Christopher McCarthy, Andrew Hohmann

We will discuss a simple and effective methodology to give your PLC the structure to run a successful program. Helping our Scouts to take leadership over their troop activities. (Youth, Handouts)

Cub Scouts (click to view)

CUB SCOUTS (Leaders/Parents) 

CUB01     Cub Corner  [double period, once] – Chris Dono, Paul Caminiti, Fred Pagan

This session is for Cub Scout leaders to meet and ask questions of veteran Cub leaders that they need answers to.  The Q&A you’ve always wanted because being a Cub Scout Leader can be tough, especially if you are dealing with issues that BSA training courses don’t always cover: handling difficult or absent parents, incorporating advancement and activities into your program, building a functioning and effective committee?  An open forum led by fellow Cub Scout Leaders that have over fifty years of combined experience.  Bring your questions or issues to this “GNYC Cub Scout Office Hours” to get some valuable advice to keep your Pack going strong!   (no Youth, no Handouts)

CUB02     Recruiting/Open House for Packs  [single period, once] – Kim Salvo

It can be a challenge to “focus” on recruitment for your Pack while also managing all the other necessary day-to-day tasks that are essential to a quality unit.  Instead of looking at recruitment as another seasonal task, this course will help you approach membership as a year-round philosophy by giving helpful tips to incorporate recruiting new youth and parents into your existing program……and host an Open House that makes everyone want to return!  (no Youth, Handouts)

CUB03     Cub Scout Pack & Den Meeting Planning [single period, once] Damion Sammarco, Steve Morales

So you’ve got a bunch of Scouts and the all-purpose room for 90-minutes every week. Now what? Here’s a basic guide for planning out how to keep them engaged, having fun, and coming back. Games to play. Activities to plan. And how to keep your Den Leaders engaged.  (no Youth, no Handouts)

CUB04     Down + Derbies COVID-Style [single period, once] Chris Dono

We all know about Pinewood Derby. But do you know about the other derbies that Cub Scouts can do and how to do them in COVID-style? Get the background for the different derbies – making sure you have everything you need for some of the FASTEST activities in Scouting – this is no time to be unprepared – so know before you say GO! (no Youth, no Handouts)

CUB05     Crafts and Projects for Cub Program, with at home zoom ideas [double period, once] Paul Caminiti

How-To about preparing crafts and projects for your Cub Scouting program.  Ideas for all ranks from Lions to Tigers to Wolves to Bears to Webelos.  Craft ideas to keep all Cub Scouts busy and challenged.  Handouts will be available with plans and helpful links.  (no Youth, Handouts)

CUB07     Calendar Planning  [single period, once] Paul Caminiti

How to plan calendars with meetings, events and activities. Planning a Calendar ensures a well-rounded program that incorporates time management, as well as, the varying interests and talents of all those involved in your local unit.  It’s much more than just sitting around and asking, “So, what do you want to do this month?”  Let’s talk about when you sit down with your Cub Scout committee and create the structure needed to deliver a quality program to all your Cub Scouts.  How do you ensure a balance program that is easier to deliver fun, engaging, inclusive and quality activities for everyone involved? (no Youth, Handouts)

CUB12     All things WEBELOS: Earning the rank, Arrow of Light & Crossing over to ScoutsBSA [one period, once] Kim Salvo

This session focuses on all things WEBELOS with an emphasis on capturing their interest to continue they Scouting journey into Scouts BSA.  You’ll learn the tools to help you transition your younger Cub Scouts into a model that starts to follow the Scouts BSA program along with the Adventure requirements for both Dens, elective adventures, and key activities to prepare your Den for their cross over into Scouts BSA.  Ready, set, WEBELOS!  (no Youth, Handouts)

CUB14     Cub Scout Events During COVID-19 [double period, twice] Kirsten Clementi

If you are new to Cub Scouting or need a refresher, this is the session for you. If you’re having trouble planning because of COVID, this is the course for you, too. Let’s discuss how to hold events that Cub Scouts are known for: Pinewood Derby, Blue&Gold, Pack Nights, etc. Bring your own experiences to share. Questions, comments, and concerns are always welcome, so bring those, too. (no Youth, Handouts)

Scouts BSA and Venturers (click to view)

SCOUTS BSA & VENTURERS (Leaders/Parents)

SCT01     Troop Talk [double period, once] Tom Kramer, Anthony Bracciante, Bob Bradley

Panel discussion relating to the challenges and solutions of urban Scouting Troops in 2021.  Panelists will answer questions ranging from Scout recruiting and retention to organizational dynamics, fund raising and high adventure.  The Scouts BSA version of Cub Corner.  Troop Scouters solving Scouting’s challenges together! (no Youth, no Handouts)

SCT03     Trail to Eagle [single period, once] Sean Rowley, Tom Kramer

This will help unit leadership understand what is necessary for a Scout to become an Eagle Scout. Describe the process for a Scout to reach the rank of Eagle – This session is intended for Adults associated with the Eagle Scout Process: Scoutmasters, Committee Members, District Advancement Committee Members and Parents. Upcoming Eagle candidates are, of course, welcome, too. Learn the overview of the Scouts BSA advancement to the Rank of Eagle Scout.  This session covers critical time-lines, including the ideal 9-month process for youth to follow for successful achievement of rank.  Also includes record keeping and deadlines.  (Youth, no Handouts)

SCT05     Planning an Eagle Court of Honor   [single period, once] Tim Thom

Why do and what is the purpose of the Eagle Court of Honor?  How do you prepare for an ECoH? What is the right way to conduct an ECoH?  How is the ECoH different from other Courts of Honor and who should attend? Let’s talk Eagle.  You don’t have to be an Eagle; you just need to have Eagle Candidates in the wings – and don’t we all?  (Youth, Handouts)

SCT07     How to be a Merit Badge Counselor  [one period, once]Sean Rowley, Tom Kramer

Instruction for a proper process to work with Scouts on Merit badges.This course is designed to provide Council or District approved and registered merit badge counselors with understanding of the methods of counseling and their role in the advancement program of the Boy Scouts of America.  Attendance fulfills the training requirement for the position of Merit Badge Counselors – Merit Badge Counselor Orientation. (no Youth, Handouts)

SCT12     Scoutmaster Conference and Boards of Review [one period, once] Anthony Bracciante

Live, interactive discussion about Scoutmaster Conferences and Board of Reviews – Best Practices and Procedures – traps to avoid.  (no Youth, no Handouts)

SCT13     Religious Awards [single period, once] Sokratis Galitsis, John Harling

Religious Awards that can be achieved by Scouts and Scouters of all ages.  Religious Awards go across all levels – Cub, Scouts BSA, Venture and Scouters.  Depending on the faith, there are anywhere from 4 to 6 awards available from Tiger Cub through to Adult Scouter. (Youth, handouts)

SCT14    The Distinguished Conservation Service Award  [single period, once] – Shawn Spencer, David Bisceglia

The Distinguished Conservation Service Award has replaced the W.T. Hornaday award.  Join us for this informational session on the new award and how to begin working towards earning it. (Youth,Handouts)

SCT16     Scouts BSA – A daughter’s experience – David Bisceglia, Beatrix Bisceglia

A discussion, question & answer session for young ladies/girls in Scouting: some thoughts, experiences, successes and challenges for them in ScoutsBSA from one of the first Girl Eagle Scouts in the country. Parents with daughters already in or thinking of joining ScoutsBSA are invited to this session. Find out about all the fun, adventure and skills training that Scouts offers to young ladies. (Youth, no Handouts)

Virtual for 2022