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FCP 10/24 – Knots and Lashings

From 1pm-5pm Scouts BSA are invited to a day of activities at Alpine Scout Camp to work on requirements related to knots, lashings, and pioneering projects. Following the completion of requirements  Scouts will break, for an included snack, and then a session on rope care, whipping & fusing, and alternatives.

After the program a film will be show outdoors for Scouts to enjoy with one another – this will allow parents/guardians to plan to pick-up any time between 5pm – 7pm

This program will follow appropriate mask, and social distancing safety guidelines. Registrants will receive guidelines via Email.

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3a. Demonstrate a practical use of the square knot.
3b. Demonstrate a practical use of two half-hitches.
3c. Demonstrate a practical use of the taut-line hitch.

8. Describe the steps in Scouting’s Teaching EDGE method. Use the Teaching EDGE method to teach another person how to tie the square knot.

Second Class

2f. Demonstrate tying the sheet bend knot. Describe a situation in which you would use this knot.
2g. Demonstrate tying the bowline knot. Describe a situation in which you would use this knot.

First Class

3a. Discuss when you should and should not use lashings.
3b. Demonstrate tying the timber hitch and clove hitch.
3c. Demonstrate tying the square, shear, and diagonal lashings by
joining two or more poles or staves together.
3d. Use lashings to make a useful camp gadget or structure.