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  • Started:2022/02/23 18:00 Ended:2022/02/23 22:00

The Bronx Good Scout Award Reception

  • Lorraine Ellis-Jordan
  • (212) 651-2873

at Marina Del Rey

One Marina Drive, Throggs Neck

Bronx, NY, 10465

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Friends of Scouting,
The past two years have been very hard on Scouting. COVID caused our
youth enrollment to plummet, and forced the BSA to downsize our
professional staff. Without that staff, there would be no Scouting in New
York City and the 20,000 kids we served before COVID would no longer
experience the joy of Scouting, or the lessons of service and leadership
which we offer. Please, help support us as we rebuild and recover this
amazing youth program. This year we honor one of Scouting’s most stalwart
friends in the Bronx, Mr. Lenny Caro. Few scouters have ever brought more
enthusiasm to the cause of Scouting, and I could not imagine a better
honoree as we refocus and rebuild the BSA in the Bronx! With your support,
and with passionate leaders like Lenny, Scouting in the Bronx WILL have a
bright future!
Yours in Scouting,
Greg Clancy
Bronx Council President & Event Chairman