• Office Address: 475 Riverside Drive Room 600 New York, New York 10115
  • (212) 242-1100

Council Operations March, 24th

GNYC key 3 members, activities chairs, advancement chairs, camping chairs, membership chairs and training chairs,


On Wednesday, March 24th, 7:00 – 9:00 PM, we will be bringing all Council program committee and District Key 3 members together via Zoom.  After starting with announcements and guidance in a general session, we’ll break into our various committee and leadership meetings before regrouping to work out issues and challenges in the broader group. This will be an especially important meeting as we will be planning for emerging from COVID and summer camp operations.


This new meeting will replace the Council Key 3 and program committee meetings.  Moving forward we plan to hold these meetings 3-4 times a year.


I will be following up with a calendar invite but the zoom link is  https://zoom.us/j/91056765600?pwd=SzBXZGZtV3BEd1BQUktIaFNtZHhxQT09


-Joe Schiltz

This Page will be updated during and after the meeting to help you find all handouts and shared documents

Welcome – James Delorey

• Purpose of the Council Coordinated Meetings

    • Work on big picture goals to move Scouting forward
    • Coordinate between committees on the big picture goals
    • Bring together the top Scouting volunteers in NYC to collaborate


• Announcements

COVID Health and Safety Practices – Chris Guarniere
Unit Meetings – Joe Schiltz
▪ District / Council Meetings – Joe Schiltz
▪ Weekend Camping – Wayne Holmes
▪ Summer Camps – Wayne Holmes
▪ NYLT – Mike Lennon
• Greater New York Councils Hike-a-thon – Mike Lennon
• Council Calendar Process – Matt Gaor
• District / Council Event Intent to Operate – Wayne Holmes

• Activities

o Greater New York Councils Pinewood Derby
▪ Provide opportunities for Scouts in Packs without races
▪ April / May / June – Makers Days at Camps
o Greater New York Councils Hike-a-thon (Hike 2 Help)
o Big Apple Jamboree
Big Topic:
▪ Promotion of events to units, and families
▪ Unit Program Planning Support (June)
▪ Steak-out Purpose and Coordination

• Advancement

Big Topic:
▪ What Packs are not advancing
▪ How to encourage and promote Scout Book to units
▪ Updating the Council Merit Badge Counselor list
▪ Arrow of Light Ideal Program Year (cross over Jan – March) Coordination


▪ Woodbadge
▪ Virtual District Training Events this Spring
▪ In-Person District Training Events this Spring
▪ New Online Trainings
Big Topic:
▪ What volunteers are not trained in the council, plan to address?
▪ One page council training calendar with all dates of basic training

• Camping & Outdoor Programs

Big Topics:
o Troops attending Ten Mile River Scout Camps.
▪ Attendance estimates
▪ Plan for reaching out
o Packs attending Cub World.
▪ Attendance estimates
▪ Plan for reaching out
o Provisional summer camping to support hesitant starting units.
o Units and families attending weekend day activities
o Having weekend activities to support unit programs

• Commissioners / Membership

Big Topic: How do we assist units as they begin to restart
▪ Identify units not operating and support their restart
• How to support units that melted away or are struggling
into 2021
▪ New Unit Development / rebuilding units
• Now that in person meetings are on the horizon
• Potential Family Packs and Girl Troops
▪ Engage Scouts that dropped from charters
• Recruitment events or individual ask

• District Chairs

Big Topic:
• District Restart
• Activity Scheduling and Coordination