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Commissioner’s Corner – Winter 2019

Sustaining strong membership in a unit depends partly on reaching new audiences to invite them to join the unit and partly on engaging new members and their families so that they feel welcomed and want to stay. The role of the New Member Coordinator is to ensure that both keys to success take place.

The New Member Coordinator (NMC) position has been designed to be a FUN and engaging position, to form relationships with new members and their families, and to be visible and easily identifiable at unit gatherings.

The New Member Coordinator shares the benefits of scouting, helps unit recruitment, and guides the joining and welcoming processes. New Member Coordinators are invited to choose one or more areas of personal focus based on their own interests and the needs of the unit. We recommend having a team of New Member Coordinators. Many parents prefer to work in teams as it’s much more fun to be part of a team, and it’s easier to recruit people for the position if they will be working with others. Team members collaborate so someone is doing each part of the job.

New Member Coordinators are encouraged to wear the newly designed Welcome logo in some form – on a pin, nametag, hat, vest, or shirt. The NMC position does not require a uniform. Families new to Scouting feel more comfortable when they are greeted by someone dressed more like them, and the Welcome logo identifies New Member Coordinators as people who will reach out to engage new members. Shirts and hats can be ordered from national supply, and the logo is downloadable for local use on items of the unit’s choice.

Anyone who is enthusiastic about Scouting, who is friendly and helpful, and who enjoys meeting people would make a good New Member Coordinator. The NMC does not need to have a great deal of Scouting experience. It’s sometimes an advantage to be quite new to the program so that the memories of what it’s like to be new are fresh in the mind.

We recommend recruiting someone in your unit to be a New Member Coordinator! Reach out to your unit commissioner for assistance in picking the best person, and for training.

-Dick Davies

Council Commissioner