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Growing Future Leaders: The Glenn & Constance Hubbard Bequest Challenge

A multi-year effort, in partnership with the Boy Scouts of America National Foundation, to secure $50 million in private support to support Scouting in the Greater New York Councils. Reaching this lofty goal will require the most ambitious fundraising effort in our history—one that will touch and transform every aspect of Scouting.

We call upon the thousands of Scouts, parents, volunteers, staff, community and corporate partners, foundations and friends who share our vision and are eager to help the Boy Scouts of America fulfill its potential.

Greater New York Councils is strategically prepared to provide outstanding Scouting experience that positively impacts the lives of youth. We can transform the fabric of our community, but we need your help.

Join us as part of a $50 million campaign to Grow Leaders.

Growing… Where Scouting Starts

Scoutreach Growth to Underserved Communities. Strengthen and sustain high quality, inner-city programs. $10 million goal.

Future… Where Scouting Innovates

STEM initiatives Exploring, Endowment, Expanding horizons and building skill sets, $15 million goal.

Leaders… Where Scouting Happens

Camps and Scout Service Centers create safe, fun and inspiring opportunities for Scouting. $25 million goal for cultivating the leaders of tomorrow by preparing Scouts to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetime