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Alpine Scout Camp Challenge

As we prepare for the 25th of John E. Reeves Cub World

  • Complete the fundraising to redo the locker rooms at the William H. Clark Aquatic Center to better welcome and serve families into Scouting
  • Construct the Jamil Ahmed Outdoor Cooking Area so Scouts and leaders can learn to prepare healthy nutritious meals in the great outdoors
  • Complete the phase II renovation of the kitchen of the John C. Whitehead Dining Hall
  • Revamp the Webelo’s Woods area to better instruct camping and outdoor skills to Cub Scouts
  • Refurbish the water tower
  • The installation of modest family sized “cabinettes”  in a Cub World camp site 
  • Install new canvas tents and cots & concrete platforms


Give to Other Alpine Scout Camp Campaigns:

Give to the William H. Clark Aquatic Center Fund

Give to Jamil Ahmed Outdoor Cooking Area

Give to John C. Whitehead Camp Scholarship