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The Greater New York Councils is excited to once again offer Units council-wide the Camp Card Program. New in 2016, each borough will have the choice of selling a borough specific camp card featuring vendors within that borough.

The intent of the Camp Card Program is to allow Scouts an opportunity to fundraise and earn their own way to pay for camping equipment, camp gear, weekend or summer Camping Outdoor Opportunities.

This program is completely RISK FREE, because any unsold Camp Cards may be returned.



The Camp Card fundraiser includes discounts to a variety of clothing stores, food stores, restaurants and more. We are happy to have some of New York Cities local vendors support the Scouting Program, and we look forward to adding more on.



Camp cards sell for $5 each. Units earn 50% commission or $2.50 per card sold. Units can choose from any or all of 5 Borough specific cards.


Each card has a cash value of $5. There is no risk to the unit as long as all unsold cards are returned to the Council by June 3rd. The unit will be charged $2.50 for every unreturned card. Cards must be returned in sellable condition. After June 3 units will be charged $3.00 for each card not returned and NO CARDS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER JUNE 15. Units will be responsible for the full fee of $5 per card after June 15. Each card pictured above is a representation of the actual Camp Card for that Borough


Fill-out the order form and send back to Camping Services by February 29th. For any questions, call Camping Services at (212) 651-3073 or email: Camping@bsa-gnyc.org