• Office Address: 475 Riverside Drive Room 600 New York, New York 10115
  • (212) 242-1100

Thanks for your dedication to Scouting! Our success is built on a foundation of four elements: Membership, Program, Leadership and Finance. All you do for Bronx Scouting throughout the year is greatly appreciated.  As a Bronx Board Member of the Greater New York Councils you are very much a factor in our success. We continue to need your support in order to provide a quality Scouting program.


This is the time of year when our “PRESIDENTS CIRCLE” campaign is underway. It is vital that 100% of us make a pledge. WE MUST SET THE PACE! We know you give generously of your time, but we need some of your financial resources as well.  Our goal this year is to raise over $5,000 through our PRESIDENT’s CIRCLE campaign.


As Council President and Father of an Eagle Scout, I ask you to join with me in making a financial contribution to the Boy Scouts of America. By supporting Scouting you are investing in our future.  We hope you can continue to contribute and even increase your gift this year!


I appreciate your continued support on behalf of the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturers in the Bronx and am proud to be a member. Please help us in our efforts.