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Bronx Scouting Year in Review

Bronx River District 2020 Year in Review

COVID-19 guidelines shaped activity in The Bronx last year. Here are a few highlights:


  • Scout meetings were held virtually, and when feasible, in-person according to COVID guidelines

  • Scouts at all levels continued to advance

  • Nine Eagle Boards of Review were held

  • Scouts participated in National celebrations of Veteran’s Day

  • Scouts gave service to their communities:

    • Park clean-up for AARP and local Parks Department Greenways

    • Restocked community refrigerator

    • Assisted local foodbank with the distribution of pre-packaged grocery items

    • Partnered with a local pharmacy and Nursing home to deliver hot meals and medications daily

    • Created a lasting representation of unity in the community with inspirational ribbon display and messages of hope posted throughout the community