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Introduction to the New Internet Advancement (IA)

The BSA is pleased to announce the release of an updated Internet Advancement.  This exciting upgraded tool is available for Packs, Troops, Crews and Ships. Explorer Posts will continue to use the legacy Internet Advancement tool (available from Legacy Tools menu at my.scouting.org.)

The new Internet Advancement is available to unit key three members via my.Scouting.org.  The old Internet Advancement will remain available for the Exploring program.

The new version of Internet Advancement writes to the Scoutbook database so anything approved will instantly show up in Scoutbook (and visa versa.) Also all records are sync’d with the council records automatically within 48 hours.

NOTE: If you are using Scoutbook for your unit’s advancement, you do not need to use Internet Advancement Scoutbook users should not use Internet Advancement

IMPORTANT: To login to Internet Advancement you must be the unit leader, Chartering Organization Representative or Committee Chair of your unit on your official roster (not just in Scoutbook.) If not one of these three, you will need to be designated in Organization Security Manager at my.scouting.org as a Key 3 Delegate or an Advancement Chair by someone holding one of the three positions above. To make such a delegation, see the guide here. 

More information can be found in the Bryan on Scouting article here.

An introduction to Internet Advancement PDF of presentation is here.